Understanding Health Tests

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It is important when looking for a Rottweiler that you are not only aware of the health issues within the breed, but, how to interpret the information given to you about the various health checks done. There are two different levels of health tests done by breeders. The first is the minimum requirement set by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). The second is the criteria set by the National Rottweiler Council Australia (NRCA). The requirements set by the ANKC must be adhered to by all registered breeders. The criteria set by the NRCA should be either voluntarily followed by non NRCA breeders or are compulsory for NRCA members. It is recommended that all breeding Rottweilers have ALL of the following health checks:


Hip Scores: Not maximum score

Elbow Scores: No maximum score

JLPP Certificate: Clear x Clear or Clear x Carrier Matings Only



Hip Scores: Maximum score of 20 (or maximum combined breeding score of 20)

Elbow Scores: No maximum score

Eye Certificate: States eyes clear of Entropian and ectropian and of similar colour

Mouth Certificate: States that the dog has no missing teeth and has either a scissor or level bite

JLPP Certificate: States that the dog is either clear or a carrier (only one parent may be a carrier)


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